Before you consider breaking up an otherwise compatible relationship, consider whether you might have Relationship OCD (ROCD), doubt that one's mate or oneself doesn't really love or feel attracted to the other.  These doubts lead to fear that they or their mate will cheat, abandon, entrap, leave, desert.  ROCD sufferers might compulsively check their mate's whereabouts, social interactions, tone of voice, telephone calls, set up tests to see if their mate loves them, etc.

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Others doubt their own love for the other person, and fear that they themselves will be unfaithful and cheat.  This makes them feel guilty and they compulsively test their attraction to their partner, or compulsively break up and make up many ´╗┐times, sometimes even in the same week.  Many initially feel excited by a good first date, but quickly fear they'll be trapped or abandoned and can't tolerate a second date.  They'll find every excuse of why it can't work out.

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Are your hot and cold feelings a genuine couples issue, jealousy, or commitment phobia, or is it really ROCD? 

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Click for Dr. Brodsky about ROCD.

Click for Dr. Brodsky about ROCD.