What is the right kind of therapy for OCD and other anxiety disorders?

Every therapist says they treat OCD and anxiety.  Every therapist says they use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  In fact very few do.  There is only one therapy that eliminates anxiety disorders.  There is only one therapy that the OCD Foundation and most national anxiety organizations endorse.  It's called Exposure Therapy.  If you are still suffering, you're not hopeless.  You simply didn't get the right kind of therapy.


What is Exposure Therapy like?

You can read about Exposure Therapy in the book, Confronting the Bully of OCD, authored by Dr. Brodsky's actual client, who describes her own therapy in detail, and tells you what you can expect to experience in Dr. Brodsky office.


POCD Article:

Here's an article I wrote about Predator OCD (POCD), sometimes called Pedophile OCD.  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/medical-symptom-boy-scout-me-too-confessions-dr-steven-brodsky  


What is Exposure Therapy? 

Exposure is the only therapy that is endorsed by all national anxiety organizations, whether it is OCD, social anxiety, agoraphobia, panic disorder, PTSD, and phobias.  If a therapist does not use exposure as their main technique, they will not help you.  It is not sufficient if they say they use CBT.  CBT is a very general term that includes dozens of techniques, including many that are not helpful to anxiety and some which will make it worse.  Exposure is a special CBT technique specifically for anxiety disorders.


You're already doing exposure:

You've been doing exposure your whole life and successfully overcome hundreds of fears.  It's normal to be nervous or fearful in a new situation--the first day at a new school or job, the first time you met your significant other, the first time you did a new activity.  Yet you overcame your initial fears by continuing to do the uncomfortable activity; that's exposure!  Some have even become sources of great joy---a new sport or career, a happy marriage, etc.


HOCD Article:

Here's an article I published on HOCD.  https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/gay-pride-floods-therapists-straights-who-think-theyre-brodsky/


OCD, Panic, and anxiety are like any other fear:

Exposure is the natural way people overcome fear of anything.  Even the most primitive animal organisms eventually habituate to uncomfortable stimuli through exposure.  We all know people who have phobias--flying, dogs, darkness, tall buildings.  (I have a phobia of mice!)  We know that people overcome these common fears just by gradually getting closer to and spending more time in those feared situations in small baby steps. But those baby steps eventually add up to a dramatic difference.

OCD, social anxiety, and panic are no different from these phobias, except it's harder to avoid thoughts, people, and travel.  But it's the same thing and is equally treatable.